Strategic Advice & Counsel: 
Senator Daschle and his team work collaboratively with clients to identify ambitious, but achievable strategic objectives.  We then develop comprehensive and detailed plans to assist our clients in the implementation of proven strategies to achieve those objectives at the state, federal, and international governing levels.

Advisory Management: 
Countries, businesses, and non-profit organizations of significant size often seek to retain multiple advisory firms in the United States and around the world to help them achieve their policy objectives.  The Daschle Group has extensive  expertise in building and managing these teams in a manner that ensures consistency, maximizes impact, and reduces overall costs.  

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client highlights

  • For over a year, TDG has served as the primary strategic consultant for a pro-U.S. political party in an allied nation.  In advising this client, TDG drafted and executed a high-level strategic plan that helped the client educate policymakers on its important history and elevate itself within the U.S. government.  TDG identified the key players the client needed to meet, helped the client document and disseminate important facts, and build key relationships.  The client recently won its election and now has the mandate to form the next government.

  • TDG served as an interlocutor between a U.S.-based firm and a foreign government in a decades-long financial dispute, resulting in meetings to resolve that dispute that were otherwise unobtainable before our engagement.  After TDG's involvement, the two parties are now negotiating a settlement.

  • TDG partnered with a health care company to help them build their brand and deepen relationships with key thought leaders in D.C.  Today, the company is seen as a key source of expertise by congressional and executive staff and third-party experts.

  • TDG advised a Fortune 50 company on a proposed merger, including messaging and interactions with key industry thought leaders and officials.

  • TDG convenes salon dinners on critical public policy issues, helping clients establish credibility on topics of importance and build relationships with other issue area experts and officials.