• Senator Tom Daschle

Congress returns: 5 critical issues they must, should or could resolve

This week, Congress returns to Washington with a plethora of work with very little time. There are approximately 50 legislative days before the August recess and fewer than 100 before the end of the session.

As April comes to a close, five critical issues fall into one of three procedural categories – two must pass soon, one should pass shortly thereafter, and two could be resolved before the end of the year. But importantly, all will require bipartisan support.

“Must Pass”

Congress must pass an extension of the federal government’s funding for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 and an increase to the debt limit. The current continuing resolution (CR) expires on April 28th. The initial deadline for addressing the debt ceiling came and went over a month ago; however, using what is commonly referred to as “extraordinary measures,” the Administration and Congress may have until mid-summer before the financial crisis hits.

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