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21st century health threats need optimal budgeting — health security is a national issue

Bombs, bullets and, most recently, bytes, tend to dominate our national security thinking. But bugs must also be added to that list. As Bill Gates recently warned the Munich Security Conference, a pandemic — whether caused by a terrorist or nature itself - is one of the three biggest threats we face. National security is health security.

A critical element of our preparedness for 21st century threats must be to develop and stockpile effective medical countermeasures, such as vaccines, antibiotics, and other antidotes. President Trump’s 2018 Budget Blueprint doesn’t comment on this, but it does create a new public health emergency response fund — a step in the right direction.

Read more here: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/healthcare/325436-21st-century-health-threats-need-optimal-budgeting-health

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