• Senator Tom Daschle

With an ally like Donald Trump who needs enemies?

President Trump’s personal deportment with the United States’ closest friends and allies in merely the first ten days of his presidency is an unprecedented cause for alarm and deep concern.

With Secretary Tillerson’s confirmation vote now behind him, his initial “to do” list may be the longest for any Secretary of State in modern history. Given the grave circumstances in numerous locations around the world and the most recent diplomatic meltdown the president has created in Mexico and Australia, the Secretary clearly has an enormously full plate.

As he makes his first list, Secretary Tillerson should start with our best friends. Using that criterion he urgently needs to stop in Mexico and Australia on his way back from Asia before returning home. Some explanation and reassurance to the people and their elected leaders in these two countries is essential before permanent damage to our relationships is done.

Unfortunately, it may already be too late.

Read more here: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/foreign-policy/317789-with-an-ally-like-donald-trump-who-needs-enemies

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