A national testing strategy to safely reopen America

In the past few weeks, in varying degrees, virtually every state in the country has begun to reopen. Retail stores, office buildings, and even restaurants are opening their doors for the first time in months. Our national daily volume of testing is increasing while our daily infection rate and death tolls appear to be declining, somewhat. But, at best, progress is tenuous. As the country reopens, a plan for national testing, contact tracing, in addition to isolating those who are sick has never been more crucial. Without it, as people begin interacting again, the chance that the virus will spread undetected goes up exponentially. Read more HERE.

The Value of Home Health Care

For the first time in our modern history, staying at home has become a “new” normal. And with more than 1.5 million Americans now infected with COVID-19, never before in our lifetime has accessing care in a person’s home been so important. Smartly, our federal and state policymakers quickly expanded reimbursement for telehealth and removed barriers that have now allowed more providers to care for patients virtually via video and phone, eliminating the risk of COVID-19 exposure during provider visits. But not all care can be provided through telehealth – and we would be shortsighted to not also address the growing need for home-based care. Read more HERE.

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