Talking points: Daschle, Leavitt on reshaping healthcare

Modern Healthcare published an interview with Senator Daschle and former HHS Secretary and Utah Governor Mike Leavitt. The two spoke about what it would take for public-private partnerships to continue to drive innovation in health care. You can read the full interview here.

Congress Needs More Veterans

It is not news that excessive partisanship has led to gridlock in Washington. Many of the chronic problems we face, from immigration policy to soaring budget deficits to the solvency of Social Security and Medicare, repeatedly get kicked down the road as one or both parties reject bipartisan solutions. Less noticed is how corrosive this stalemate is to national security policy and foreign affairs. Once, partisan politics "stopped at the water's edge." No more. Now defense and foreign policy challenges – even those that are highly technical – are among the issues most exploited for partisan gain. Read more here.

TDG Selected as One of D.C.'s Top Lobbying Firms!

In just our third year of existence, The Daschle Group, A Public Policy Advisory of Baker Donelson, was chosen as one of D.C.’s top lobbying firms. This is of course a reflection of the great work of our entire magnificent team, as well as the wonderful clients with whom we have the privilege to work. We are excited about this honor and appreciate the chance to share it with you. Read more here.

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